CREATO project belongs to Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University


For prospective students:

Our lab welcome who have interests but not limited to the following fields ⬇️


Internet and Computing Services

・Internet Technology

・Digital Signage platform

・Digital Media Contents

・Experience Sharing

Otaku (ACG) and Pop Culture


  Anime  Comic  Game  Cosplay

CREATO defines Otaku as "Otaku is a person whom understands, experiences, and enhances one’s literacy, furthermore, sharing it among others to re-innovate aesthetic creativity" We are looking for students who have these abilities.


In CREATO, "Creativity" is a sense of sharing experiences. It is not limited to information, or technology itself, but a way to communicate and interact with the world. Student will not be required to have computational skills, you will be learn by do during your days in CREATO Project.

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CREATO プロジェクトは2008年に発足した研究室です。「未来を自ら創り体験する」、国内外の関連機関と大学・デザイン拠点などとのコラボレーションも進める予定です。チャレンジングな研究を皆さんと一緒に進めていきたいと考えています。

For people who welling to join us please send your CV and research proposal to the following email address:


For the application process please refer to the link below入学希望の方は、入試要項をご参照ください